My Story

Hi, I’m Jane!

My name is Jane and I’m an Engineer, Yoga Teacher, Opera Singer, Travel Addict, Van Lifer, Nature Lover, Tea Drinker, Bookworm and Fur Baby Mum to my two beautiful doggos.

Ten years ago, I started my career as an Engineer and although I worked with some great people and developed some useful skills, as the years went by, I began to despise working 50+ hours a week, staring at a computer screen and being at my managers ‘beck and call’. It just wasn’t making me happy. Maybe you can relate?

Fast-forward to March 2018, and I took a huge leap into the unknown by quitting my engineering job to travel. I had no plan, no timeline, and no worries! This was my first real taste of FREEDOM and WOW did I love it!

 During my year of travel, I became a qualified yoga instructor in Bali, discovered hidden beaches in Sri Lanka, lived with a family in rural France, hiked the craggy mountains of Scotland, snowboarded in Japan and even got engaged in Amsterdam!

When I returned home to Australia, my bank account was basically empty (I know you know this feeling!). I had used all my hard-earned savings for my big adventure. The problem was, I fell head-over-heels in love with living life on my own terms!

The thought of going back to work for another big company and working for an hourly pay rate made me sad. Very sad. But I didn’t know what else to do so, I got a job and stuck it out for two years – and these two years were tough! I was miserable because I knew there was so much more I could give, if only I could do something I truly believed in and was able to live life on my own terms.

The ‘AHA’ Moment…

?I made another life changing decision– I quit my engineering job (again!) in the pursuit of living WILD and FREE!

But this time was different.

I made the very conscious decision to be solely responsible for the life I wanted to live. A life full of WILD and SPONTANEOUS FREEDOM. A life in which I am in the driver’s seat every day. I’m not someone else’s minion and I’m not trading my precious time on this planet for a monthly paycheck. And this freedom has allowed me the opportunity to pursue my true passion projects.

Now, (in my early thirties) I finally have the time and income freedom to do what I’ve always been passionate about! I’ve gone back to university to study one of my biggest life passions – MUSIC! 

Don’t we all have something we are secretly passionate about? Something that fills you with JOY. The kind of something that fills your cup? 

And now I have a very important question for you…

What would you do if you had time freedom, location freedom and an income???

Stay Wild,

Jane x